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Gravograph AF cutter grinder ACC

An affordable, easy to use cutter grinder ensuring accurate sharpening of engraving cutters. A selection of collets are available in various sizes and the machine can be fitted with a white grit or a diamond impregnated wheel.

Features: Imperial collets up to ¼ inch
Metric collets up to 8mm
Dimensions (approx) 410 x 360 x 330 (height0
Weight (approx) 15kgs

Gravograph Beveller B6 ACC

A heavier duty machine with the capability of rounding corners along with flat plate bevelling. It also has a built in dust extractor so it creates very little swarf. Again the cutter head is fully adjustable and radii from 5mm to 15mm can be achieved. Either 45 degrees or 90 degrees carbide cutters are used.

Features: 6.35mm cutter diameter
45 degrees or 90 degrees cutters can be used
Spindle speeds: 24000 RPM 240 volt
3 radius devices from 5mm to 15mm
Dimensions (approx) 500 x 340 x 300mm (height)
Weight (approx) 8kgs

Varga Saw ACC

This swiss built high precision safety saw is a must for those who need multiple plates cutting with a perfect cut. The saw blade is fully enclosed and its own extraction system ensures the work surface is kept free from swarf. Materials up to 6mm can be cut (4mm non-ferrous metals) with a maximum length of 620mm.

Features: Carbide tipped saw
Maximum thickness of work: 6mm (4mm non-ferrous metal)
Maximum length: 620mm
Dimensions (approx) 830 x 500 x 240mm (height)
Weight (approx) 20kgs

Alexander 2CG cutter grinder

* Alexander 2CG cutter grinder

* Believed new and unused

* Complete with white grit and carbide wheels

* The ultimate cutter grinder

* Price £1200 plus vat

* Contact or call 01992 899255 for more details

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